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7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Planning Commercial Photoshoots

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Ira Giorgetti Headshot Portrait

" Ira produced stunning visual content in shooting conditions that were less than ideal, exceeding our expectations and securing the success of our production. "

- Maria Anna Giuliani / Account Executive at The Economist

" Ira is a superb photographer with a great eye and strong work ethic. He delivers work that matches the brief and brings out the best in his photographic subjects. He's very easy to work with and a pleasure to have on the team! "

- Tom Hayton / Freelance Creative Director

" I have worked with Ira on multiple occasions and I can certainly say Ira keeps impressing me with the quality of his work. Creatively flexible, he always looks at providing solutions to situations before they become problems. "

- Diego Jenzer / Co-founder at Fromigo Ltd.

" Working with Ira was a smooth and convenient experience. We told him what we needed and how we wanted it and he simply delivered! His edge is all about the tiny details, we were most impressed by his ability to capture the essence of our brand and that's what really mattered most. "

- Moshé Reyes / Brand Manager at Toni & Guy

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